YG On New Clothing Line, Becoming Vegan & His Love For Compton’s Mayor


In a new interview with Spin, 26-year-old California native YG (real name Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson) dishes on becoming vegan, his new album ‘Still Brazy’, the struggles his parents faced and his love for Compton’s Mayor. Check out a few excerpts below.

On becoming vegan:

People dyin’ from cancer. No microwaves, you feel me? Alkaline water. I do my fruits, I do my organic greens, gluten-free s**t, no GMO in my food. Everybody say I lost weight, my skin look clearer.

On his upcoming second album ‘Still Brazy’:

I been in the streets for a long time. They know me. They see me. They heard stories. A lot of artists don’t got that credibility s**t. They don’t got they city on lock. I got that. That’s special. You can’t take that away.

On his parents:

My mom and her whole side of the family, they all from Compton. She wasn’t tripping. It was where she was from. My pop from [the South] so he like, ‘Naw, this s**t ain’t cool, my kids can’t be involved,’ but he went to jail and I hit the streets.

On his robbery charge from 2008 and getting six months instead of two years:

When that happened, I was like, ‘Oh s**t, I’m blessed!’. That’s why I believe in God. I ain’t even mention, when I was in jail, they brought up three more cases that had my prints and all that s**t. But I ended up getting out of jail with no new case. I finna got washed! Real talk! Forreal, forreal, forreal!

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President Obama & Mayor Brown

On Compton Mayor Aja Brown:

Mayor Aja Brown really trying to help. Mayor before her f**ked up stuff. He tricked off all the money, dumb s**t he did. She fixing all that s**t. And we helping ‘em.

On his new clothing line 4Hunnid:

I got my own look. So instead of me going and putting somebody else s**t on and making they s**t look good, I’m gonna create my own s**t. This s**t unexpected from me. I’m challenging myself every day. I ain’t gon’ do what every rap nigga do. Everybody else can do some corny s**t. I can’t do no weird s**t. ‘Cause I’m from the streets. My peoples, my foundation, they gotta accept this s**t too.

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By @mskay_marie

Authored by: Kellie Williams