Morris Chestnut On Being Racially Profiled, His Biggest Fear For Young Black Men

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut

Actor and heartthrob Morris Chestnut known for his roles in The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday, The Brothers and of course Boyz in the Hood sat down with Christopher Witherspoon at The Grio to discuss the impact of Boyz in the Hood 25 years later, the issue of racial profiling and some fatherly advice he gave his son. Check out a few experts form the interview below.

When he found out he would be in Boyz in The Hood:

It was great because I had just started school. I was in college and going back to my car and I got the call. I was just happy to be in a movie. At the time, I hadn’t really done much and they called and told me I was gonna be in the movie.

How he felt being a part of the legendary cast: 

It was very interesting; it was a whole new experience for me. Another story with that is at the time the film had not come out, it had not been released here yet. And then it went to the Cannes Film Festival and I remember talking to my agent and she as like the film is doing very well over here in Cannes [France] and I am like, ‘Cannes, what is that? They need to show it over here in America.’ That was before I knew the Cannes Film Festival was a big festival.


Authored by: TJB Writer