[VIDEO] Basketball Wives Tasha Marbury Defends Business Venture on Instagram, Tami Roman Explains Why She Won’t Be Popping Shaunie ONeal + Watch the Full Episode 6

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Less drama, but still entertaining nonetheless. Episode 6 of Basketball Wives aired this week, with tension still high between cast mates Evelyn Lozada and newbie, Tasha Marbury. The two, still don’t seem eye-to-eye on Tasha’s head-butting jokes, while there is still even more of a rift of Evelyn including Tasha’s husband’s affair in her book. And behind-the-scenes, Tasha also seems to be a bit upset about her cast mates criticize her latest business venture. After the episode aired, she took to Instagram defending her weave bar:

It is so disheartening to hear and see my fellow cast mates bash what is now an extremely successful business venture. Yes they caught us during our soft opening blues but all the kinks are now fixed!@CelebritySewIns is created to provide affordably chic extensions installations in communities that typically don’t have access to salons of this type. We could have opened ANYWHERE but we chose Brownsville because we felt the community deserved something nice too! Don’t forget to check out our website www.celebritysewins.com

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Tami Roman also shared her thoughts post, episode via her weekly Video Blog. Responding to one of her twitter questions, Tami explained why she refused to get physical with the Shaunie O’Neal during a previous episode:

Okay, that’s like you going to your job and smacking the sh*t outta yo boss. I never really wanted to pop Shaunie. I never felt like our issues were that, that serious…We were able to talk that out and work that out and agree to disagree. But I would if I needed to. Just kidding. I’m so not popping anybody anymore, ever.

Check out Tami’s full video blog below, along with the full episode:

Episode 6