An Incarcerated Apollo Nida Allegedly Slams Fan For Not Putting Money On His Books!

Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida

We’ve heard very little from Apollo Nida, since he began his sentencing (he received 8 years for bank fraud) in a Kentucky prison. However, according to a report, Apollo (who is married to reality star Phaedra Parks) is keeping in communication with son of his fans, even asking them to put money on his commissary. According to Love B Scott, a few months ago, a fan (who is also an aspiring author) sent the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star her book, in hopes that he would read it. The fan/author claims that Apollo wrote her back, asking that she give him $25. According to the site,

Here’s what she wrote: So I sent Apollo Nida from real housewives of atl a book a few months ago. He sent me a letter back saying that he was reading it. Letter was cool until the end where he asked me to western union him $25/50 dollars. Never posted it on social media bcuz I didn’t want to blast him like that. I just wrote him back, thanked him for reading the book & respectfully told him that I have a daughter and b4 I send money to a guy I don’t know I’d rather put that 25 in her savings account. (Nothing personal.) Well he responded back and basically said he didn’t know 25.00 was a lot and he will pray that I gain financially wealth so that I can afford to put more than $25 dollars into my daughters savings. Lol. That made my day. ~I may not have a lot of money, but at least I can walk across the street~


Authored by: TJB Writer