Coco Shows Off Growing Baby Bump in Revealing Bikini [Photos]

Coco-Pregnancy Bikini-the jasmine brand

She’s proud and she’s pregnant! Coco is sharing her pregnancy progress with her fans on social media, giving them a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

The wife of Ice-T has never been one to shy away from showing off her body, so it comes as no surprise that she’s confidently posting flix of her pregnancy. On Monday, Coco, who is expecting her first child, posted the photo above with the caption:

Happy Labor Day!!! I wanted to finally surprise you with pregnant bikini pics!! For some reason many of you have been asking for weeks now to see my baby bump in a swimsuit! And of course I had to do it,Coco style and rep in a micro bikini….. Well, I’ve been waiting for sometime to take the following photos cuz as u can see, if u look at me from the front its very hard to see my lump but I still have good muscle tone even though I lost a lot of muscle everywhere since I stopped lifting heavy. If you look at all angles in the next posts you’ll see why staying heathly and keeping fit (thanks to my workout app) I have really benefited. I am 26 weeks already.I can’t believe I’m nearing my 3rd triemister! (Oh and yes this is my shoe closet I’m taking these pics!) Thanks for following me and my journey with #ChanelNicole ..Its fun watching the stages of pregnancy

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.01.26 PM

In another photo (above), she writes:

Here’s the 2nd pic!! My lump is so much more visible from the side profile! But weird thing I still got a little abs. Oh yes this was taken in my shoe closet. Being 26 weeks already I’m feeling confident and more womanly..Everyone should go through this in life if they can and this comes from someone that always said wasn’t gonna have kids.


Authored by: Kellie Williams