Chris Brown Dedicates New Song, ‘Little More’ to Daughter [New Music]

Chris Brown, Royalty

Chris Brown, Royalty

Singer Chris Brown dropped his new single, “Little More” for his upcoming album, Royalty, which is named after his daughter. The single is produced by Poo Bear and The Audibles. On the track, he sings,

Oh I need a back talk, girl I’m your dady, no sass talk
Oh baby girl you inspire me, give me the reason to keep on
My baby, my Royalty, girl you’re the lyrics to my song
Girl you got this heart lock on me, I don’t think I can control it
I hold on with all my might while you look at me in my eye
Like a vitamin you put back my energy, you’re making me stronger, and bring out the best of me


Authored by: Kellie Williams