Singer Ginuwine Denies Sipping Lean, Abusing Drugs: I’m sorry my kids had to see this lie.

Ginuwine-Denies Lean-Facebook-the jasmine brand

Ginuwine is speaking out, addressing recent headlines accusing the singer of abusing drugs and bragging about them on social media. This week, a photo (below) was posted that appeared to be from Ginuwine’s Facebook, of what appeared to be cough syrup and sprite. Ginuwine has reacted to this, posting a lengthy message on Instagram.

Ginuwine Performs at "Lost Angels Industry Night" at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on October 6, 2015

He writes:

So I wake up this morning and I see nonsense about me I usually don’t respond to BS but anyone that truly knows me would know what is being said is hilarious, anyone who follows me on a FB knows I haven’t been able to retrieve my Facebook in months nor post anything on it,it’s hacked and has been for a while now,everyone that follows me know I only post on Instagram and Twitter go back and simply look, so who ever posted that here’s a big F*CK YOU….what’s sad is that I have kids who see that and knows that it’s nonsense but it still hurts when a blog puts sh*t like that out,

He continues:


Authored by: TJB Writer