R. Kelly Asks Judge For Acquittal & New Trial After Being Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse 

R. Kelly Asks Judge For Acquittal & New Trial After Being Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse

R. Kelly is out to seek justice for himself…at all costs.

According to reports, on Tuesday (Nov. 15), R. Kelly’s head attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, filed two motions in a Chicago federal court in favor of her client’s said innocence.


If you didn’t know, in September 2022, Kelly was convicted on child pornography charges after the jury held him accountable for filming himself sexually abusing his then-14-year-old Goddaughter, who’s publically labeled “Jane,” and other teenage girls in the 1990s.

Each of the three counts carries a minimum 10-year sentence, and Kelly will go before District Judge Harry Leinenweber in February of next year for his sentencing. The “Ignition” singer was acquitted of the allegations that accused him of rigging his initial trial in 2008.

R. Kelly

In the latest documents, Jennifer Bonjean requested that Leinenweber grants Kelly an acquittal of all counts based on her argument that prosecutors couldn’t prove that the 55-year-old taped the teenager for child pornography production purposes. Jennifer Bonjean also debated there was a lack of evidence that the footage “crossed state lines” and prosecutors failed to prove that Kelly had ‘coerced’ underage victims to engage in sex acts.

R. Kelly


Additionally, Bonjean listed that sexual predator expert Dr. Darrel Turner lied on the witness stand during testifying. Allegedly, Dr. Darrel Turner wasn’t completely honest about the fees paid to him for his work on the case. Because of this, Bonjean feels that Kelly is owed a new trial.

But… it’s safe to say that things aren’t looking so good for the once-R&B phenomenon. Not too long ago, he was slapped with a 30-year sentence on racketeering conspiracy charges and pending Cook County indictments for the sexual assault(s) of one woman and three girls under 18.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell