Ava Duvernay Is Interested In Aziah “Zola” King’s Twitter Story

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We don’t know if Aziah King better known as Zola or @_Zolarmoon, ever thought about becoming a writer but she should. Because in one day, she did what so many aspiring writers have yet to do, intrigue a Hollywood director.

A little back story — this week, King took over Twitter with 148 tweets telling the story of her trip to Florida. As Zola tells it, after meeting fellow stripper Jessica, the two, Jess’ boyfriend, and her pimp “Z” all headed to Florida for what Zola thought was a night dancing at a strip club. However she quickly learns her new friend Jess is a prostitute and Zola —one not for “tricks”—quickly becomes her madame. Over the course of the weekend, King’s once-fun trip becomes a fight-filled, sex-filled, murderous, and attempted suicide trip the young lady will never forget. And thanks to her hilarious story-telling neither will the many people that were glued to her Twitter feed Tuesday night.


Read the full story here.

Her story trended so much it caught the eye of director extraodinaire, Ava Duvernay, all the way in India. The “Selma” director read her story and praised King for her gift of storytelling.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels