Trick Daddy Admits To Using Cocaine & Weed To Treat Lupus, Takes Shots at Birdman

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In a candid one-hour interview on The Breakfast Club, Trick Daddy holds nothing back. While speaking with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, the Miami rapper discusses everything from his beefs with various hip hop artists, to how he treats his Lupus condition, not one topic was off limits and he left nothing to the imagination.

On how he treats his Lupus:

I don’t take medicine. I’m an avid drinker. I used to drink Hennessy, but my doctor say Hennessy has more sugar. I drink every day, but I drink Patron or Ciroc. And I use the best drugs that money can buy from my homies from the hood, from the trap. I smoke laced, I smoke dirty.

On how he feels about the state of Hip Hop:

It’s totally changed now. N***as got blond tips, and skinny jeans, and tight shirts, and they come out rich on their record, they come out with a clique already. When I first mentioned a car, I was like “I wanna buy me a Benz but I’m 50 grand short.” Now you hear these new rappers, first I gotta ask my child who is that, cause he sound just like the last record that went off. And then they always talking about “I ride in that Bugatti, I been getting money, I been rich.” And I’m like, I was born in ‘74, the lights were in my name in ‘77. I don’t never remember being rich. My credit been messed up.


Authored by: Kellie Williams