Georgia Couple Suing OBGYN For Allegedly Decapitating Their Newborn During Delivery Claims Hospital ‘Propped’ Baby’s Head On Top Of His Body In Order To Hide Horrific Occurrence From Parents

Georgia Couple Suing OBGYN For Allegedly Decapitating Their Newborn During Delivery Claims Hospital ‘Propped’ Baby’s Head On Top Of His Body In Order To Hide Horrific Occurrence From Parents

Grieving mother and father Jessica Ross and Treveon Taylor are seeking justice for their late child.

According to a recently-filed lawsuit, Jessica Ross and Treveon Taylor lost their infant son at the hands of a negligent physician and hospital staff in Riverdale, Georgia last month.

a pregnant Jessica Ross and Treveon Taylor.

Reportedly, on the morning of July 9, 20-year-old Jessica Ross arrived at Southern Regional Medical Center in Clayton County after her water broke. Later that night, she was fully dilated and began pushing.

However, the baby’s shoulders got trapped in the vaginal canal during the delivery process. Due to the complication (medically termed shoulder dystocia), Dr. Tracey St. Julian then (allegedly) used “excessive traction” on the head and neck. Dr. Tracey St. Julian’s inhumane application of force (reputedly) prompted the decapitation of the youngster.

Following numerous attempts to remove the little one naturally, Dr. Tracey St. Julian performed a STAT Cesarean section around midnight, in which only his body and legs were retrieved from Ross. His head was said to have come out vaginally. Some sources allege Ross didn’t go down for the STAT Cesarean section until (approximately) 3 hours after her initial push time.

Dr. Tracey St. Julian

A passage of the legal complaint read:

“As a direct and proximate cause of Defendants’ gross negligence, [Treveon] Isaiah Taylor, Jr.’s attempted vaginal delivery on July 9, 2023, was excruciating and traumatic. Treveon Isaiah Jr. suffered tremendous pain and suffering as Dr. St. Julian applied tremendously excessive tension traction on his head and neck… such tension and traction that it resulted in massive blunt force trauma to his head and neck, multiple skull and facial bone fractures, hemorrhaging on his brain, hemorrhaging in his neck and around his spinal cord, multiple fractures of the bones in his neck… all ultimately resulted in his decapitation.”

Court documents claim Ross and Treveon Taylor were not notified of the decapitation at 5:00 a.m. the next day, but other reports state the parents discovered the horrific occurrence from the funeral home.

Additionally, proceedings listed that Southern Regional Medical Center shot down Ross and Taylor’s idea of an autopsy and strongly recommended cremation for his burial. They weren’t even allowed to hold the deceased infant–only view–who was “tightly wrapped in a blanket” with his head “propped on top of his body.”

Dr. Tracey St. Julian w/ husband.

It is suspected that all medical professionals (including nurses) involved tried to cover up the events of the tragedy, as they were recorded to have exercised “gross negligence” when it came to timely adhering to surgical protocols that could’ve saved the baby’s life.

Premier Women’s Gyn, a gynecological practice led by St. Julian, is being held accountable for the doctor’s careless measures. St. Julian, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, has been in medicine since 2005, per her company’s website.

In an immediate release, Southern Regional Medical Center wrote,

“The hospital has taken the appropriate steps in response to this unfortunate situation. Our commitment is to provide compassionate, quality care to every single patient, and this loss is heartbreaking. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family and all those impacted by this tragic event.”

Subsequent to announcing that St. Julian was not an official employee of the center (but rather the couple’s private MD), they continued:

“Our prayers also remain with the dedicated team of physicians nurses and staff at Southern Regional Medical Center who cared for [Jessica Ross]. While our sympathies go out to the family, Southern Regional Medical Center denies the allegations in the Complaint referencing the hospital.”

Jessica Ross

The hospital declined to comment on the matter any further. Ross and Taylor are asking for compensation for mental and physical anguish as well as damages for the fallen child’s loss of livelihood.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Ross/Taylor family.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell