Jhene Aiko Releases “B’s & H’s” [New Music]

Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko

Singer Jhene Aiko has released her new single, “B’s & H’s”, produced by Fisticuffs. On the track, the Cali-bred songbird sings about dealing with a deadbeat, good for nothing loser of a man who uses her. Jhene sings:

You are such a man
You got the whole world in your hands
But you be playing
Fucking all the girls she can’t stand
It does not get better
You cannot do better
And you will regret it
Oh yeah, you gon’ f-ck around and find yourself by yourself

Find yourself, that might help
Traded it all in for, messing with all of your…
Bitches and hoes
So many bitches and hoes
But they don’t know
I bet they don’t even know
(Don’t know)
That you live in her home
Eating all of her food
She be paying your bills
Buying all of your clothes

Listen to the track below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams