(EXCLUSIVE) Future & Ciara – Secret Emails Reveal Nasty Battle Between Ex’s For Months

Ciara, Future

Ciara, Future

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Ciara and Future have been involved in a nasty battle behind the scenes for months – with the singer accusing her ex of being a bad dad & the rapper blasting his baby mama for playing the helpless victim in the situation — this according to private emails sent between their lawyers.

The lawyer representing Ciara – Tanya Graham – is famous for scoring a huge victory for her client Ludacris in his battle over support & custody with his baby mama. Future hired Ivory Brown, the lawyer who helped Usher defeat his ex-wife Tameka Raymond in court over custody of their sons.

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reported, Ciara recently filed a 15 million dollar lawsuit against Future accusing him of defaming her reputation by blasting her as a bad mother and trying to ruin her career.

According to comments filed in the lawsuit, Ciara’s lawyer fired off a letter to Future’s representation on January 4th in which she stated, “I am very confused about the parenting time disagreements”. She accused Future of agreeing to a set schedule of 7 days per month with his son and then breaching the deal and demanding different dates.

Further, the lawyer says,

It is entirely untrue to state that Ms. Harris has refused your client’s parenting time requests. At a minimum, it is a gross representation, and your client should cease and desist from attempting to publicly humiliate my client on social media by lying about paying her $15k/month in child support while not being able to see his son.

She then rips apart the rapper saying,

it is precisely this lack of self-control and discipline exhibited by Mr. Wilburn today that has Ms. Harris worried about multiple, extended periods of parenting time, especially given the events of the most recently visitation periods, and the fact that when you client requests parenting time, it has been when he’s scheduled professional obligations and he would be unable to spend time with the child anyway.

The rapper’s lawyer responded to multiple emails regarding dates Future wanted to have their son but refused to acknowledge Ciara’s lawyers’ questions about his social media comments.

The singer’s lawyer then angrily said, “Could you please explain why your client called Ms. Harris a “bitch” on social media for the world to see today, and why he misrepresented to the world that he pays her $15k per month?” followed by “Please stop ignoring my question”.

A email sent later on by Ciara’s lawyer stated,

it appears that your client is the one with the problem communicating with Ms. Harris. After his very public tantrum on twitter, our client contacted him directly about parenting time. Instead of being an adult, he had his mother respond to our client.

Future’s lawyer finally addressed the situation by stating the rapper wanted to reach an amicable solution with his baby mama. However, the lawyer took issue with Ciara representing herself as a helpless victim and mentioned there are two sides to every story. She also requested that Ciara’s lawyer show her evidence of Future defaming her in his public comments along with proof she tried to make visitation for the rapper easy. She added, “That is what a good mother would do”. Future has yet to respond to Ciara’s allegations in court.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams