(EXCLUSIVE) Anthony Anderson Defends Ludacris In Daughter’s Custody Case

Anthony Anderson, Ludacris

Anthony Anderson, Ludacris

Anthony Anderson is weighing in on the custody battle between rapper/actor Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) and the mother of his child, Tamika Fuller. Earlier today, we posted a story on the site and Instagram, about the editorial that Tamkia wrote sharing how and why she lost custody of their daughter. [Click here for the backstory].

The Black-Ish star shared his thoughts on our Instagram (in the comment section), supporting Luda. He writes:

Why should Luda be ashamed of himself?! Do you know how hard it is for a father/man to get custody of a child from the woman/mother? We don’t know what the real story is and it’s none of our business what that story is!

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But know this, the same courts that determine how much child support a father should pay regardless of the relationship or time he has spent with the ex wife or ex lover or where that child should live and what the visitation arrangements should be has awarded custody of their daughter to Ludacris for reasons we’ll never know nor should we know because it’s THEIR business! For this act to happen speaks volumes about both parties involved.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta