Kelly Rowland Doesn’t Want New Group To Replace Destiny’s Child: I just want them to surpass. [VIDEO]

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

R&B powerhouse Kelly Rowland is a founding member of Destiny’s Child, actress and now TV show producer. She recently sat down with the world famous The Breakfast Club to dish on her new show Chasing Destiny, her role on Empire, and if there will ever be a Destiny’s Child reunion. Check out a few experts from the interview below.

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On if being a wife and mother makes her feel sexier:

I actually feel better. I don’t know why I feel better I just feel better. I do not know if the confidence my son is giving me or what, but yeah.

On her new docu-series Chasing Destiny:

I did not want to do a reality show. I did not want it to feel like it was a formula type of show and I wanted just cameras to roll because the realest of it all is that stuff just happens all the time and I do not think it is the type of situation that a talent competition can encompass. I believe that everything should happen organically. I remember going to different networks and the only network that really understood the concept was BET.

It was Stephen [Hill] it was Deborah [Lee]  — they got it and actually gave me the money to do it. You know what I am saying? When I tell you they was like ‘I get it.’ I told them what it would actually take and they said ‘let’s do it’ and I really respected that. They where the only ones who where just as passionate as I was. I love the idea of discovering new talent. I think the A&R part of the industry is kind of sucked out, people just jump into it.

On if she wants to find the next Destiny’s Child:

Here is the thing. I do not want to find the next Destiny’s Child.  I want to find who ever is supposed to be dope. I think that we are so busy comparing these days. Like they supposed to be better than Destiny’s Child, better than En Vogue. Better than the groups that came before them. I just want them to surpass.

On what she was looking for other than talent while putting together her group:

Personality. I actually want someone completely off their rocker because they are usually the creative talented ones. People who are insanely talented have a slight dose of insanity but it is ok because it is creative and I feel like there is nothing wrong with that. We meet several of those girls and I gravitated to those girls, I do not know why. If your are too crazy then you got to get your ass out. 

On why she wanted to develop a girl group:

To me, the culture of girl groups are very special because I feel like young girls, young women
get to see. Think about it. I know you all have seen the video of these three girls dancing together. There is power in numbers with females. I feel like young girls looking at these girl groups and choose which one they look like, whose style they like. Everybody has to have somebody who they identify with. I feel like that is lost. That whole culture is gone. It needs to come back. It needs to come back with boy groups too.

On why she Kelly decided to do the show with so much on her plate:

I wanted to do it because there are no girl groups but Fifth Harmony. Think about it, when we where growing up there was Jade, SWV, En Vogue, TLC. It so many, It was different styles. It was dope.

On creating a makeup line:

I love makeup. I love playing in makeup. I was a frustrated makeup artist. So I just needed to do a line, it made sense. It caters to women but of course we want to have colors in there that are complementary to chocolate skin.

Kelly on Empire

Kelly on Empire

On why she wanted to do Empire: 

I met Lee [Daniels] at Soul Cycle. He is on the other side of the room talking to me and I don’t quite understand what he is saying to me. The only thing I could hear was, ‘I know who you are, I know who you are.’ I was like, ‘What?’ Yes we were about to start the ride and afterwards he pulls me to the side and was like, ‘I really want you to do the show, come by the writing room and let’s get a chance to sit down and talk’.

I sat down and talked to his writers – they asked me about the industry and different things that I have gone through. The next thing I knew, the next day they were calling me asking me my schedule to see if when I could come to Chicago.

On the pressure she felt about being on Empire:

I also felt a lot of pressure because on this show you got Taraji [Henson] and Terrance [Howard]. These are strong actors. I literally cut everything off anything [else] to do around the time I was filming because they were like small scenes but they were like so powerful. Like I really respected Lee [Daniels] and if these are the most solid eight seconds of my life, I have to shut up and really get into this character.

Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland circa 2014

Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland circa 2014

On if a Destiny’s Child reunion will happen:

We have not talked about it. Like I will see Michelle tomorrow or the next day and the last time B [Beyonce] and me were together I think was like two weeks ago when I stopped by rehearsals. We talk about everything else. We talk about play dates with the kids, vacations and new opportunities. She is excited about this group. Super excited.

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On if she creating new music:

It is a work in progress. Because for me it has been the hardest thing for me is recording an album after this kid. I am going to show you a video of Titan singing Rihanna’s work and I want that same reaction to my music. There is one song that he does that too so far and that’s the only one and I cannot come out the gate with that song. Everything is ratchet or too much substance; I have to find a middle ground. Because right now its super hood or on.

See the full interview below.

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