Kerry Washington On What Life May Be Like After ‘Scandal’ Ends


Actress, Kerry Washington has had a stable and successful career from staring on the big screen in films like, “Save the Last Dance,” “Ray” and “Django Unchained” to name a few. Most notably is Washington’s role on ABC’s Scandal as Olivia Pope has afforded her two Emmy nominations for outstanding lead actress in a drama. In the April issue of ADWEEK in which she covers, Kerry talks about her upcoming role in the HBO movie “Confirmation”, her endorsements of major brands and life after Scandal. Peep excerpts below. 

Washington as Anita Hill

Washington as Anita Hill

On Anita Hill: 

I was probably about 13 when it happened, but I had real memories about how it affected my parents, their feelings about the hearings. And it was one of the first moments that I was made consciously aware of my own identity intersectionality: The idea that there may be times that I feel passionate about something as a person of color, and there may be times that I feel passionate about something as a woman, and there may be times when those two things are at odds with each other. So it was a poignant moment in my own developmental understanding of who I was.


On major endorsements: 

Do I feel like it will be as rewarding as it is time-consuming? Because for me, none of the partnerships that I’m in are me [just] being the face of something. I am extremely hands-on and integrated in each of my relationships, so it has to be worth it for me. I worked with companies earlier in my career where I knew very early on when it wasn’t a match for me. I’m grateful for that wisdom because now I know how to make those choices.


On what life may be like after Scandal ends: 

I don’t know specifically what’s next. I found the experience of producing on “Confirmation” to be extremely rewarding. I learned a great deal, but I also feel like I was able to bring a lot to the table, and that was a really rewarding experience. So producing will definitely be part of it. I am really loving design and I want to continue in that area. But I’m not sure. I’m going to continue to follow the opportunities that really speak to me authentically and genuinely, and see where they lead.

“Confirmation” airs on HBO April 16th.


Authored by: TJB Writer