(EXCLUSIVE) Future Countersues Ciara, Says She’s A Washed Up Singer + Defends Calling Baby Mama A ‘B*tch’

Ciara, Future

Ciara, Future

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Future has headed to court blasting his baby mama Ciara’s $15 million dollar lawsuit accusing him of defaming her good name, with the rapper counter-suing the singer and claiming she is nothing but a washed-up singer whose career is failing and clearly sued him to generate publicity for her lackluster album sales.

Ciara and Future at their baby shower

Ciara and Future at their baby shower

theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story — Ciara filed suit against her baby daddy Future in Georgia court on January 21st accusing him of defamation, slander and libel.

The singer says that she is bringing this lawsuit due to several false and defamatory statements made by the rapper in the press over the past year about her, all involving their son Future.

Future, Ciara Paris Fashion Week

Future, Ciara Paris Fashion Week

Ciara says that Future has – over the past year – published numerous false and defamatory statements regarding her which contain several misrepresentations regarding her conduct and character.

She said Future knew the statements were false and didn’t care about the consequences she would suffer as a result.

The singer accused her ex-fiance of lying about her publicly to increase interest and publicity for his upcoming musical endeavors, namely the release of his upcoming album and tour.



Ciara blasts Future saying he purposefully published lies about her on his Twitter account, social media and other interviews to destroy her reputation as a good mother, to diminish her brand and to impair her professional career in the entertainment industry.

The suit explained that the parties were in a highly publicized romantic relationship given their celebrity status.

Ciara and Future Baby Bump-The Jasmine Brand

The two gave birth to their son in 2014 but their relationship ended around September 2014 after the birth of Future.

Ciara said after numerous attempts to arrange custody, child support and visitation she had to file a claim against him in another state for support.

ciara-russell wilson engaged-the jasmine brand

She also brought up her fiance NFL star Russell Wilson by adding in her complaint,

Following the parties break-up, both plaintiff and defendant embarked on new personal relationships. However, it is important to note that given Plaintiff’s celebrity status, her relationship with her current significant other became highly publicized in April, 2015, and has been a subject of media attention since that time. Plaintiff’s new significant other is also a public figure.

Ciara claimed Future has made several false and defamatory statements to journalist and members of the media which have been re-published to millions of listeners, readers and viewers around throughout the world.

The singer accuses Future of exploiting her new relationship with Russell Wilson by beginning a media campaigning around June 2015 in which he used both their son and her new relationship with Russell to spread lies about her to promote his new CD.

She said it is clear that Future does not share her sentiment and desire to keep their family law matters private and confidential for the sake of their kid. Further, she blasts her ex for accusing her of implying that she needed Russell and also that she used her son as a publicity stunt after a photo was taken by a photographer that showed her with Russell and Future Jr. in a stroller.

Ciara, Russell Wilson, Baby Future

Ciara, Russell Wilson, Baby Future

The suit said that Future knowingly made false statements in an attempt to ruin her reputation in the industry and harm her reputation and Ciara claimed his comments have indeed affected her potential professional opportunities, which she says directly relate to her involvement with children and her parenting of their son.

She stated that her legal team contacted Future’s lawyers demanding a retraction and apology about his tweets regarding her being a mother, but he didn’t care to respond and no apology was issued. Future didn’t comply so she headed to court and slapped him with a $15 mill dollar lawsuit along seeking $250k in attorney fees.



Then on April 8th, Future headed to court and fired back at his baby mama’s $15 mill lawsuit and slapped her with a counter-suit.

The rapper begins by addressing Ciara’s allegations of defamation– saying she waited past the statute of limitations to sue him if he did slander her name and thus he demands her claims to be throw out.

He points out that her lawsuit generated more publicity than any of his tweets did and therefore she intentionally damaged herself by suing him. He also claims that the alleged service of process of the lawsuit by her was attempted at LAX in front of paparazzi.

Ciara, Future

Ciara, Future

Future says Ciara is a publicity whore and is clearly trying ever way to milk the lawsuit to generate PR for herself.

In regards to his Tweets , he says when he called her a “bitch” it meant overbearing, complaining or unpleasant — not a lewd or immoral woman.


The rapper also accuses Ciara of lying about his tweet referencing the $15k child support. He says she knows that’s actually what SHE is seeking and she told him she would sue him for $20k in support if he didn’t pay her the $15k a month she wanted. He says none of his social media posts were false or defamatory and there was no malice involved but rather the reaction of a father who wanted to see his son more frequently and on a more reasonable basis — all of which is protected by freedom of speech.

Future then goes for the jugular. He admits that both work in the entertainment industry but he says Ciara does not currently have a successful singer. He states if that statement was made several years ago it would have been accurate to state, since she had a successful career but it has been declining over the past 2-3 years. He says she does not have a “huge” fan base and is certainly not famous around the entire world and points out to her last album being a flop along with her currently not winning any awards.

Future also blasts his baby mama for claiming her success helped his career — saying she had no part in his rise to the top and needs to stop living in the past.

ciara-russell wilson-newly engaged-the jasmine brand

He states that Ciara is the one who is trying to create media attention for herself by using his celebrity status and the status of her “apparent” fiancé Russell Wilson along with using their minor child.

He says if she were such a great mother she wouldn’t parade their son around cameras and would actually work with him to create a schedule for him to see his kid.

Future slapped Ciara with a counter-suit demanding she cease making any further false statements about him, along with her being ordering to pay his legal fees for her frivolous lawsuit and also unspecified punitive damages for violating the law with her nonsense complaint. Future also wants all her claims against him to be thrown out and Ciara be awarded nothing from her $15 mill complaint.

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