Kanye Jumps On Apple Store Table, Delivers Impromptu Speech [VIDEO]

Kanye Jumps On Apple Store Table, Delivers Impromptu Speech

Kanye West continues to make headlines.

On Thursday, the Chicago rapper took a visit to the White House to discuss initiatives he wants to put in place and to have lunch. Once he left, the Yeezy designer changed clothes, and took a trip to the Apple Store in Georgetown, D.C. where he delivered an impromptu “keynote” speech. He arrived to the store dressed in tan Yeezy boots, a purple hat that had “XPSWRLD” written across the front in white letters, and a United States Postal Service puffy jacket/vest. After catching people’s attention, he proceeded to stand on top of a table and deliver a message about a hat he made for Donald Trump.

I went to the White House and I made a had that “Make America Great” without the again, and Trump wore the hat. He said he’s willing to adjust because he realizes the word again hurts us as people, specifically black people. Because we say, ‘When was America ever great for us?’

He concluded his speech,

I made an updated hat and it says, ‘Make America Great,’ so he’s open to adjusting and listening. I just wanted y’all to put this online so that everyone can see it.  

Customers within the store buckled around with their phones out and recording Ye’s speech. Once he finished, some customers began to clap and cheer as he exited the store.

Authored by: Andre Palmer