Kanye West Takes Out $10 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy For Baby

This isn’t the least bit surprising, especially with the amount of money that these two are worth. Radar Online reports that Kanye West is taking out a $10 million dollar insurance police on for his unborn child with Kim Kardashian. And Kris Jenner (Kim’s mama), is thrilled. An insider shared:

“Kris has made it known to Kim and Kanye that she expects the singer to take out a hefty life insurance policy, naming their baby as the primary beneficiary and Kim as second. Kanye is absolutely on board with getting the policy and had actually already looked into it before Kris brought it up. Kanye is in perfect health but he travels a lot and performs all over the world, sometimes in not so safe locales, and that concerns Kris. It’s basically just good sense, and pretty common procedure for new parents, though not usually for such a high amount! Kim will also be taking out her own life insurance policy naming the baby as the beneficiary.”

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