T-Pain Shoots “Look At Me” Video From Phone [WATCH]

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Rapper/producer/artist T-Pain (born Faheem Najm) is back and better than ever, premiering his new video, “Look At Me”. He directed the video himself with his phone in a pitch black room.

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He tells Buzzfeed about the video,

We shot the video in complete darkness with only a few cue points, such as the sparklers in the VIP section scene, So we didn’t die trying to take a selfie lol. This may very well be the most dangerous music video I’ve shot in a minute. I got kicked a few times. Fell once. Not my best moments.

On the song, he sings:

All that ass girl you gotta give me something
How you fit all that into them leggings
Winter time working out for the summer
With a face that look like it just came from heaven
You ain’t post nothing in a minute
I need to see you, baby you got fifteen seconds
I see you with Sincere, that’s my nigga
You always up a club in his section
Snapping, snapping, snapping, snapping

See the video below.

By –@ms_hip_hop

Authored by: Kellie Williams