Melanie Fiona Cries While Opening Up About Childbirth: I felt like a failure because I had a c-section. [VIDEO]

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In a new video blog post, Melanie Fiona is speaking her truth about what she experienced during labor and how she’s now dealing with motherhood. As previously reported, the singer welcomed her first son, Cameron, in March. 

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And in her latest video titled, It’s Time To Tell the Truth‘, she writes about what she’s shared:

Be brave in all moments… Especially the difficult ones. ?. In my latest YouTube video “It’s Time to Tell The Truth” I mustered up the courage to share my birth story and my feelings of being a woman in motherhood. I feel like there is not enough conversation taking place when it comes to the journey of our emotional and physical well being as women… And the media doesn’t support the reality of what is actually happening, only focusing on the superficial things like relationship gossip and “snap back”. I hope this video empowers all who watch to embrace your truth and your own personal journey. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Through tears, she says,

I felt like my body failed me.

See the clip.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams