Gabrielle Union Speaks Publicly For the 1st Time, About Engagement + Watch ‘Being Mary Jane’ Episode 2

Gabrielle Union on LIVE Kelly and Michael

Gabrielle Union is a celebrity fan favorite and despite the recent jaw dropping baby shocker, her and Dwyane Wade are still one our favorite newly engaged couple. She’s been mums the word since both celebrities shared their engagement on Instagram over the holiday season. However on her press run for Being Mary Jane she stopped by LIVE with Kelly and Michael and gave them the proposal scoop. Being so engulfed in her huge rock and heartwarming story neither co-host questioned the actress about the baby scandal and she wasn’t freely giving any dish. Either way her story is beyond adorable, watch the video below.

Gabrielle Union on LIVE with Kelly and Michael

On the ring:

I asked for tube socks and this is what I got.

On his proposal:

I was completely surprised. Him and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day together, have a little quality time. We went to brunch and I’m clueless. D was like ‘do you want to put on any make up’ and I was like ‘no’. I was putting on clothes to go to our house that’s under construction so I’m dressed to go to a construction site. We do a little tour of the house, me and D are upstairs and the boys are down stairs and they say, ‘we want to do a little presentation for you’ so I thought they were going to do a skit or something. Me and D turn around and they’re like ‘now’ so we turn back around and they’re holding a sign that says ‘Will you marry us’.

The thing is they ask me all the time. So I was thinking this is embarrassing, now they’ve made signs and I turn to D and he’s down on my yoga block. And he’s like ‘will you marry us’? And I was like ‘oh you’re serious? Of course!’ The kids couldn’t hear me and they were thinking I said no and I [looked at them] said yes and they teared up the stairs’.

Gabrielle Union on Kelly and Michael


Outside of Wade’s baby troubles, they are still set to head down the aisle. In a recent interview with the Associated Press he revealed that they will marry sometime in September of this year. And had worked on her 81/2-caret cushion cut diamond since October.

I kind of know my lady. I know she’s simple, but at the same time, I just wanted the rock to kind of speak for itself and not do too much with the diamonds.

Gabrielle Union is currently promoting her newest show Being Mary Jane which aired last night.  Watch episode 2:

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