(EXCLUSIVE) Young Buck Told By Judge: Stay away from ex or I’ll throw you in jail, again!

Young Buck

Young Buck

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Young Buck is a free man for the time being – with a Federal Court Judge ordering the rapper to be released until his court hearing later this month. However, he has been warned to not contact his ex-girlfriend or he will be in violation of his probation and sent back to prison.

Here’s the latest: On July 28th, the prosecutors returned back to court and filed a motion for detention. They explain that they want Young Buck detained pending supervised release revocation proceedings – set for next month – due to their fear he will flee and poses a danger to others.

The judge signed off on keeping Buck locked up over the weekend and then decided to release him on Monday and allow him to be free until his hearing later this month to determine if the rapper has violated the terms of his probation.

According to the docs, Buck’s ex-girlfriend was granted a temporary restraining order against him due to the alleged threats he made to her.

The order states that the judge found there is probable cause to believe that Buck violated the terms of his supervised release but didn’t believe he was truly a flight risk and allowed the rapper to be freed until the hearing later this month.

However, the judge warned the rapper that he will be locked up again if he has any contact, directly or indirectly, with Ms. Lucresia Neal (aka his ex-girlfriend). Buck is facing years in prison for the probation violation of being arrested for making the threats.

Here’s the backstory: Back in 2012, Young Buck checked in to prison to begin his 18 months sentence for gun possession. He was sentenced to the time following a federal agent raid on his home in 2010, which uncovered multiple guns inside, which was illegal due to him being a felon.

The rapper was released from Mississippi prison in October 2013 and has been on probation ever since.
Then following his release, docs were filed by the prosecution that allege Buck had once again violated the terms of his probation.

They explained, Buck’s probation officer was informed that the rapper had made death threats against another person. The P.O. contacted the alleged victim – the fiancé of one of the rapper’s baby mama – who informed him that Buck was in arrears on his child support to the baby mama. The man text Buck asking him about the child support owed and told Buck that he was a sad excuse for a father who didn’t care about his daughter.

Buck responded by sending a chain of texts that included physical threats against the fiancé. He used foul language and derogatory language, called the victim a racial epithet several times, accused him of being a drug addict, and made several threats to ‘slap the s*** out of him’ and beat him up. He also inquired about where the man’s location.

Young Buck

Young Buck

The rapper claimed to his P.O. that he thought the text were originally from an attorney and that the man even said in one text that a District Attorney was reading the conversation. He believed the victim defrauded him by attempting to portray that he was acting in some sort of official capacity.

The probation officer filed the docs asking the judge to order Buck to appear in court and explain himself. The P.O. is asked the judge to find the rapper in violation of his probation, which could have him back in prison for up to 14 months.

Buck then was arrested last week for allegedly threatening to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. Law enforcement sources in Tennessee said that the rapper was picked up after his ex-girlfriend reported to police he had text her the threat and then showed up to her apartment, kicked down the door but left without disturbing anyone inside. He was arrested and spent a couple hours behind bars before being released on $5k bond.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams