(EXCLUSIVE) DJ Khaled Accused of Owing Jeweler Over $100k!

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, DJ Khaled’s former jeweler is blasting him in their legal battle over $100k worth of jewelry, with the company denying allegations that they sold him overpriced items and committed fraud . They are demanding his suit against them be thrown out of court.

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Here’s the latest: This month, R&C fired back at the allegations they sold Khaled overpriced jewelry and the items purchased were fraudulent. The jeweler says that Khaled had the opportunity to have the pieces inspected before he bought the items. Further, they say that he has provided no evidence to back up his claims the jewelry was overpriced or that they lied about the value. R&C claims if Khaled is found to be owed money, it should be offset by the amount he owes them. They deny ever making false or fraudulent misrepresentations to Khaled prior to him purchasing the jewelry. Per their agreement, Khaled had 15 days to return the borrowed pieces or pay the full sales price, along with having the option to have the items inspected by an appraiser. R&C is demanding the entire lawsuit against them be dismissed and their case against Khaled continue on.

Here’s the backstory: New York jeweler, Rafaello & Company, filed suit against DJ Khaled for never returning 2 Rolex watches, a custom made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings and a 4 carat diamond ring.

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The jeweler claimed the deal stated Khaled had 15 days to check out the items and if he liked them he would pay for the bling and if not he would return it. R&C says Khaled never returned the jewelry but he also never paid up — despite several demands and requests for the 100k+ owed . They filed suit for the amount owed plus damages.

Khaled responded to the lawsuit accusing him of stiffing them and denied all allegations that he owes the company money. He also filed a counter-suit against them for fraud.

He claimed that from 2008-2013, he did business with R&C – purchasing everything from watches, jewelry and custom made pieces. He says over the years he was never once invoiced or even given a receipt when he did return items.

The DJ/music producer said the invoices the jeweler attached to his lawsuit are fraudulent and were created well after the actual purchases.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

He explained he purchased a custom made jewelry piece for 110k, that was represented as “one kilo 417 yellow solid gold 45.00 TCW diamond ten carat Cuban link chain with 98.00 diamonds”, which came with a certificate and appraisal. He says the jewelry turned out to all be fraudulent and fake. Khaled said he even took out an insurance policy in the amount of 240k to cover the 110k piece and paid premiums on the policy for two years.

He explained over the 6 years he purchased numerous items of personal property for himself and friends which all turned out to be grossly overpriced and falsely represented to be worth a lot more than they were. He said he has been defrauded by several hundred thousand dollars due to R&C fraud.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

Khaled demanded damages for the fraudulent and deceptive activity of the jeweler. He is also seeking to have R&C lawsuit against him be dismissed because he believes they lied about the value of the items and he claims he never signed any agreement with them.

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Authored by: TJB Writer