Wendy Williams Is Returning To Radio [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

From radio to TV and possibly back to radio, the “say it like you mean it” TV host Wendy Williams is spilling a tad bit of tea on her next moves. During a new interview, she dished on holding it down solo in the daytime realm, rumors of her axing some of her staff and being about that vegan life. She explains that she has love for shows like The View and The Real, but it takes a lot of work and pressure to have a show solo:

That’s five people to ally hoop a ball. I’m one chick from New Jersey in a purple chair and a good wig.

When asked about rumors that she had to fire some of her staff, she responded,

You always do that. You have to shuffle the deck in order to keep things fresh.

When it comes to weight loss, Wendy believes you have a maximum of two years to continue blaming your weight gain on having a child. She shared how she actually lost her weight.

A year ago me and my family went vegetarian Vegan. We’re a plant based family now, but that’s not how I lost my weight nor is that how I keep it off.

After being on television for eight seasons, she admitted to actually missing radio and hinted to the possibility of going back.

I’m coming back to radio by the way. I’m working on something. You know what? I miss radio, I mean TV’s a bigger platform but the intimacy of radio, being able to talk to people…I’m a fan of radio.

See the full interview below.

By -Andrea Hand

Authored by: TJB Writer