Beanie Sigel Is ‘Sickened By Homosexuality’: I shouldn’t have to explain that to my son.

Beanie Sigel Is 'Sickened By Homosexuality': I shouldn't have to explain that to my son.

Beanie Sigel Is ‘Sickened By Homosexuality’

In a new interview, Beanie Sigel spills the tea on everything from ghostwriting for Meek Mill to being punched by someone from Meek’s camp at a Bad Boy Reunion concert, along with his views of gay relationships. Beanie is honest about his feelings about same sex relationships saying that he feels that the media is over saturated with these images.

Even in the media and television, [this] homosexuality sh*t is at an all time high. It’s sickening to me. I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why two men is on prime time television kissing. It’s nothing positive or good coming out of that.

He says of ghostwriting for Meek and fellow rapper Omelly’sOoouuu” remix diss song.

A few of them, yeah. [For both of them?] Yeah. Yeah. You’re not [qualified to speak on this, Charlamagne.] Get the f*ck outta here, Charlamagne, man. What loyalty? With who? He ain’t provide me any opportunity. He ain’t call me and ask me to do that. I did that. Meek wasn’t even there. It was just Omelly in the studio. It wasn’t no call. Somebody told me – ‘Meek Mill’s cousin, Omelly in the studio, they’re recording something.’ I go in there, ‘Oh, this what y’all doing?’ I wasn’t even even going to get on the record. X, Y, Z, ‘Nah, you gotta do this, bro, say this.’ I went and I referenced the track for him.

Beanie also addressed the video clip that showed him getting punched out by a member of Meek’s crew.

The situation sticky because it’s close. It ain’t like it was one of Meek’s goons, it’s like this is family. It ain’t about Meek, it’s because he’s from Philadelphia. That’s why. He represent Philadelphia. He’s the voice for Philly right now… He’s like a target because he’s a young fly n*gga with a bad chick, regardless if he’s real, if it’s facade, who cares?

Beanie Sigel Is 'Sickened By Homosexuality': I shouldn't have to explain that to my son.

Charlamagne, Beanie Sigel, DJ Envy

Things got a bit awkward when Sigel told Charlamagne,

Stop running your f*cking mouth. It’s dangerous. You talking about someone who went to war with police. It’s dangerous. Attempted murders, at the height of my career. You don’t know nothing about that. You sit up here and your job is to play game. Don’t play with me.

Watch the full interview below.

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