(EXCLUSIVE) Kanye West Reacts To $2.5 Mill Lawsuit Over “New Slaves”: You don’t own the song!

(EXCLUSIVE) Kanye West Reacts To $2.5 Mill Lawsuit Over "New Slaves": You don't own the song!

Kanye West

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Kanye West is firing back at the $2.5 million lawsuit accusing him of screwing an artist out of royalties for the song “New Slaves.” He says that he already paid him to sample his track, but still is attempting to demand more cash.

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Kanye West

Here’s the latest: Then on December 2nd, Kanye fired back at the composer, Gabor Presser, blasting the allegations he screwed him over.

He admits that he worked out an agreement for Kanye to license the song for use in “New Slaves” and he paid the man an advance of $10,000.

Following the parties reaching their deal,

West sent Plaintiffs a $10,000 advance, which was entirely consistent with the heavily discussed and agreed-upon license terms, and which Plaintiffs retain.

He adds,

Plaintiffs’ copyright infringement claim is barred by the existence of a valid license between the parties.

The rapper evens says the plaintiff is not the true owner of the copyright of his song and therefore he cannot sue for infringement.

Kanye is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out, saying they had a valid contract and Presser is the one who breached their deal.

Kanye West

Kanye West

Here’s the backstory: Back in May, a man named Gabor Presser filed a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit against Kanye West, Gimme My Publishing Inc and Sony Music.

Presser explained that he is the composer of the song ‘Gyonhyhaju Lany” which he copyrighted. He accused Kanye West of using his music illegally in his song “New Slaves” and approximately 1/3 of his track is included in the rappers song.

The musician said Kanye never got his permission or paid him a dime to sample his track. He claimed he reached out to the rapper’s attorney informing them of the infringement who told him they would like to work out a deal with him. The lawyer then pressured the musician to enter into a deal with extreme time constraints. They then offered Presser $10k “advance” and insisted that he sign off on Kanye continuing to use the infringing song in his promotion and performances.

Presser said “Yeezus” has sold over a million copies and West has performed the song at over 40 concerts, during his tour which grossed $35 million in ticket sales alone.

He declined to agree to the terms presented by Kanye’s attorney for an agreement that allowed the rapper to continue using the song until a deal was worked out between them.

He pointed out that Kanye and the label continue to enjoy the financial and other rewards resulting from the uber-successful album ‘Yeezus”, which owes most of its success to the hit single ‘New Slaves’ that uses his music in it. He filed suit seeking an injunction and $2.5 million in damages for the infringement.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams