Michelle Obama: The White House Brought Barack & I Closer

Michelle Obama: The White House Brought Barack & I Closer

White House Brought Obama’s Together

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have given some of us the best eight years of our lives as they have transformed and transcended our nation during some of the toughest and best times in America. As their time begins to wind down at the White House, our President and First Lady reflect on how the most transformative years in our history have affected their relationship as partners and parents.

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On how living in the White House has affected their marriage:

FLOTUS: “It’s definitely brought us closer. Barack talks about his all the time, I mean before we moved here, he spent most of our marriage in particularly with young kids commuting in some way, shape or form. When he was State Senator, we stayed in Chicago and he commuted back and forth between Springfield, Illinois and then he became a U.S. Senator because I had a profession, we stayed in Chicago and he commuted back and forth. So it wasn’t until we moved to the White House, that we were together seven days a week, that we could have dinner together, time to coach the girls’ team and go to all the events. Ummm…yes the job carries its stresses for sure, I always say that nobody know what it feels like to wake up and read the morning paper and read every headline good or bad is your responsibility; wherever it’s happening in the world, there is a weightiness…a heaviness to that no other person even in the administration that understands so there’s that and when you feel that burden, you really have to fall back on the normalcy and love of your family.

Michelle Obama: The White House Brought Barack & I Closer

I think some of the best moments with Barack is when he came up the elevator and come up to the second floor, sit down at the dinner table and have no one care about anything he does at all (laughing)…I mean literally, just talked over, talked around, he be the last person, “Oh..by the way dad, what did you do today?” They’re (Sasha and Malia) usually getting up and leaving , (President Obama: by the time it gets to me, I did have an interesting conversation with Prime Minister so and so…”Sorry dad, I gotta go do my homework.”) But that’s a ground experience and our travel together—you know, I wish we’ve could’ve done more, there was a lot of divide and conquer. I could travel when the girls were on vacation. But the trips we did take as a family are ones we’ll remember for the rest of our lives and they’re trips that—-they’re not normal family vacations. And those experiences have definitely brought us closer together in ways we wouldn’t have if we weren’t here.

Michelle Obama: The White House Brought Barack & I Closer

President Obama: I also think that watching Michelle as First Lady has just increased my awe and respect for her because in some ways she had to adapt to both a life that she might not have chosen for herself but also there’s no blueprint for being First Lady and to see her and her team be able to shape the culture and have such an impact on our military families and on health and wellness and be impactful on policy but also fun. You know its nice to see when your spouse shines and she’s shone.


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