OJ Simpson’s 1st Job After 2017 Prison Release May Be Reality TV

OJ Simpson's 1st Job After 2017 Prison Release May Be Reality TV

OJ Simpson To Be Released This Year

It’s highly likely that O.J. Simpson will be released from prison in 2017. According to a report, the 69-year-old former NFL star may be released in October. We’re told that in Hollywood there may be some interest in seeing Simpson on TV, in the non-scripted arena, potentially doing a reality or docu-series type of show. According to a report,

We’ve contacted a number of reality TV production companies, TV agents and platforms where such a show could run, and the reactions range from recoiling in disgust to pouncing on the opportunity. None of the people to whom we spoke wanted to be quoted by name, but they all say the most likely formats are documentary or interview show. The producers and agents with whom we spoke say they’re certain someone will try to recreate the TV special that was never broadcast for several reasons … years have passed, O.J. has done time for unrelated crimes, and ‘People vs. O.J. Simpson’ was a big hit. Here’s the problem. Almost to a person, producers and agents said broadcast and cable networks would never air a show featuring O.J. They say the public wouldn’t tolerate it and no one would advertise on it. That said, producers say there would be a home on Pay-Per-View because, as one person put it, “people could pay without being judged.”

Would you like to see Simpson on TV after his release?

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