Mary J. Blige Doesn’t Want To Pay Kendu Issacs Spousal Support: Why should I have to pay him?

Mary J. Blige Doesn't Want To Pay Kendu Issacs Spousal Support: Why should I have to pay him?

Mary J. Blige Doesn’t Want To Pay Ex Support

Mary J. Blige can certainly relate to the saying “when it rains, it pours.” The nine-time Grammy Award winner is currently in the midst of a very public divorce with Kendu Isaacs, who was also Blige’s manager. Her personal struggles hasn’t hindered her music, as she recently dropped the new single, “Love Yourself” featuring Kanye West, with the full album “Strength of a Woman” to be released on April 28th.

In a recent interview, Blige lays out the details regarding the long and emotional divorce process, therapy through her own music, and even the Hilary Clinton interview controversy. Peep the interview excerpts below.

On working with Kanye West: 

“Love Yourself” is like hardcore hip-hop soul and Kanye’s on it. It’s me…like, talking? to myself when I was in it. ‘Don’t give up….love yourself.’ I’m a fan of Kanye. I’ve always wanted to work with Kanye so I reached out to his manager and got a number on him and began to text him back and forth about how I really, really wanted him. I knew I needed him on ‘Love Yourself.’ So [I was] texting him back and forth to the point where he was like ‘why don’t you come over…tell me what you want’ and the rest is history.

On touring while going through a divorce: 

I needed that. I needed to be somewhere other than home thinking about all of this foolishness. These lawyers and this and that and, you know, all of this stupidity. I needed to be somewhere where I can vent and express myself and use my music as my own therapy, you know? And get some energy back from the fans…I needed that love. And I was tellin’ them that every night too. I was like, ‘I need ya’ll…I need this love.

On his spousal support demands: 

The list that comes through is the list that comes through the lawyer. He signs it, he gives it to them, and whatever he signs goes to these courtrooms and you got TMZ and all these different reporters down there that once they see it, they get it and it’s out into the public. No disrespect to his family at all, but I’m not responsible for them.

Why would he be entitled to something? Because he’s used to living the way he used to live? Why else would he think he’s entitled to something? If you did what you did because you loved me and you managed me because you loved me and you rocked with me as my husband because you loved me, why should I have to pay you now?

On the infamous Hillary Clinton interview:

I’m an artist first. I’m not a journalist, so what I was trying to express to her as my first time being a journalist…were the words in that song and how every black woman in America feels sending their kids to school so she could feel it. That was just a piece of the interview. I did a whole interview with her because what I wanted people to see about Hillary [was] her as a woman and not a politician…a grandmother. At the end of the day, she is a woman. She’s a politician, she’s hard, she’s all these things but she’s a woman and she deserves to be treated like one. I wanted people to have a soft moment with her.

Watch the full interview below.


Authored by: TJB Writer