EXCLUSIVE: Salt-N-Pepa’s Cheryl James Opens Up About Divorce After 28 Year Marriage – It Was 1 Of The Darkest Times Of My Life

EXCLUSIVE: Salt-N-Pepa’s Cheryl James Opens Up About Divorce After 28 Year Marriage – It Was 1 Of The Darkest Times Of My Life

While Salt-N-Pepa are gearing up for their new reality show, BET’s Ladies’ Night, Cheryl “Salt” James is also opening up about her divorce. The rapper spoke with theJasmineBRAND about the split during an exclusive interview. When asked about her perfect recipe for a ladies’ night, Salt said,

“Well, going back to divorce. I’m newly divorced… for about a year. And I went through a really difficult divorce. It was hard… one of the darkest times of my life because it took so long. I was with my husband for… my daughter’s 27… so 28 years.”

She continues,

“It was me trying to fill someone else’s void. And I didn’t realize that I was doing that. Sometimes we make ourselves small to fit in someone’s box and accommodate them.A lot of times we do that with men. And when I was coming out, it was a long process of me coming out of the dark part of being divorced.”

She credited God and her friends like Sandra “Pepa” Denton, for being there with her.


“A lot of it had to do with my faith. A lot of it had to do with being around my girlfriends who I know love and support me and them being available to talk. I talked to Pep a lot, I cried a lot. I didn’t try to rush through emotion and the death of my marriage. I really focused on healing and being consistent with whatever I had to do. I took a few classes, I did a little therapy. Whatever you have to do to get yourself out of it, you will one day eventually get past it.”

She revealed that fans will see the aftermath of her divorce on the show as she helps her co-star and SWV singer Coko Lemons get through her own divorce after 15 years.

Coko Lemons

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“But for me, a great ladies night is a hotel room, pajama party, drinks, talking, laughing, playing some music and venting. Just talking about what you’re going through and being there to support each other. That’s a fun night for me. I actually had that night the day I got divorced. I don’t want to call it a divorce party. It wasn’t a party. It was just me saying after four years of trying, I was finally divorced.”

She confirmed that her divorce took four years long after being hung up in the court process. She added,

“Bless the Lord I’m out. No shade to my baby daddy.”

See her comments at the 10:35 mark.

Ladies’ Night debuts on BET April 30th at 10PM.


Authored by: Char Patterson