Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks

Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss is still contemplating on whether or not she plans to sue her reality TV cast mates. On Monday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star addressed the historic Part 4 reunion. As previously reported, during the episode, Porsha Williams revealed that Phaedra Parks shared the rumor that Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker had planned to drug and rape her. Kandi also opens up about why she feels Phaedra is calculating; being referred to as ‘Bill Cosby’ and politely checking Andy Cohen during the reunion. Check out the excerpts.

Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

Bill Cosby

On being worried about her brand and the Kandi aka “Bill Cosby” Hashtag:

One of my businesses is Bedroom Kandi. People already want to makes sex look like it’s something negative anyway. So it is like if you do anything or participate in something like drugging and all that kind of stuff, people do not even want to have anything to do with you, when you have something to do with a scandal like that.

On drugging allegations being purposely calculated by Phaedra:

Basically y’all got together the day before you know you [Porsha] were going to have to face me and she told you that “oh I tried to drug you”, so that you could say this on national TV. Because they know we were supposed to be having this conversation on camera. So she told you that so that she would try to come at me with this fake info on camera, intentionally.

Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

On Phaedra having no remorse about what she did:

She [said she] wanted to make sure she had all the information before the meeting and I’m like, ‘No you just wanted to make sure she said that on camera’. Like that was just terrible and I felt like she had no remorse, it was just like whatever.

On checking Andy Cohen:

Well, I wasn’t trying to check him, but I guess, yeah. Well my whole thing was, okay, we’re put in the hot seat daily, you know what I mean? But they get to reap the benefits or whatever but they don’t have to deal with their brands getting messed up. So in my mind I’m like well ‘How do you feel about it? What do you think?’ You keep asking me what I think. Well what are you going to do about this? Are y’all going to accept this? Is it okay for people to just come on the show now and just make up lies about you know different cast members and put it out there on television for the world to see? Like you think that’s okay?

On how Bravo should handle the situation:  

I don’t know what their plans are as a network. That can’t fly, it just cannot.

On the cease and desist letter helping the truth come out: 

Porsha never said who told her, so we would’ve never found out that this was going on had Porsha felt the need to go head and put it out there the last day at the Reunion.

Kandi Burruss May Sue Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks

On pursuing legal action against Phaedra and Porsha:

They [My Attorneys] had told me that I should sue Porsha, at first. And when it came out to the reunion that you know Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I was like you know what let’s just hold up until you guys get to see this whole thing and I will get their opinion on how they think I should handle it and go forward from there. The only thing is lawsuits are stressful, I am already dealing with Johnny.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams