Jay Ellis Dishes On The ‘Lawrence Hive’, New Season of “Insecure”

Jay Ellis Dishes On The 'Lawrence Hive', New Season of "Insecure"

Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis Dishes On New Season of “Insecure”

With the second season of ‘Insecure’ weeks away, actor Jay Ellis is dishing on what fans can expect on the new season. If you watched last season, then you’re well aware that Ellis portrays Lawrence, the estranged boyfriend of main protagonist Issa, portrayed by the show’s creator, Issa Rae. Their romantic relationship was left in limbo after Lawrence found out that Issa cheated on him and he retaliates by stepping out on her. Check out his thoughts on the Lawrence-Hive and what we’ll see from his character below.

On his character in season two:

We do get to see a lot more of Lawrence’s life. We get to see his world kind of open up. And I think it’s Issa’s and our writer’s intention that no matter what happens between Issa and Lawrence that Lawrence is always there in some in some way.


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On Lawrence’s state of mind and the issues that he’s going through:

He’s picking up the pieces. Kind of ‘What do you do post-traumatic breakup?” When a situation like that happens with the woman you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with do you go back? Do you distance yourself? Do you move on? Do you focus on something completely different? Maybe you throw yourself into work, friendship, whatever it is? We will kind of see Lawrence pick up all those pieces, and he’s mentally still a little clouded and not really sure about what’s going on. So we get to see him stumble through that and figure that out.

And Lawrence is still trying to find himself quite a bit. Because this is a new Lawrence. This is a Lawrence that is not in a relationship. So he’s that guy that we saw in the last episode, that new guy. And he has to figure out if that’s the guy he wants to be or does he want to get back in this relationship.

On how he sees his character:

I start off as I’m a “deadbeat.” I’m the loser that everyone wants to get rid of. I kind of start by saying I’m a lost boyfriend. I think he’s a lost partner. He’s somebody who is definitely at his low. He’s not sure of himself, he doesn’t have a lot of confidence, he’s insecure. We see him get some of those things back, grow to find himself a little bit. Fall back in love with Issa and you see that relationship kind of at it’s best. And then you see it all fall apart.

On the most unexpected results of the show:

Seeing memes of yourself having sex is pretty weird. That is not something that I have ever expected to see. Then also the ‘Lawrence-Hive’ is a pretty amazing thing too. It’s a group of men and women who chose Lawrence’s side of the breakup with Issa and they formed the ‘Lawrence-Hive’.

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