EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hudson Ex-Employee Accuses Actress’ Company Fabletics of Firing Her For Checking Into Rehab: My medical records are private!

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hudson Ex-Employee Accuses Actress’ Company Fabletics of Firing Her For Checking Into Rehab: My medical records are private!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Ex-Employee Accuses Company of Firing Her For Rehab

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Kate Hudson’s fitness company, Fabletics, is accused of invading their former employee’s privacy by firing a woman for checking into rehab. The plaintiff is now demanding the court shut down subpoenas fired off to her doctor.

Here’s the latest:
On June 9th, Talitha Peters headed back to court pleading for help from the judge to order Kate Hudson’s company to cease their attempts to fire off a subpoena to get their hands on her complete medical records.

Peters filed a motion to squash Fabletics deposition subpoena sent to Sydea Medical Practice. She explains their subpoena demands included any and all hospital or medical records, including all doctor’s entries, therapy entries, nurses notes, medical reports, therapy reports, case history, admit and discharge records along with all diagnosis and prognoses.

She argues that Fabletics has no right to demand her medical records from Sydea Medical, pointing out she only alleges a “garden-variety” emotional distress resulting from being terminated from her job and makes no claim for mental or emotional distress.

Peters says she already turned over all records showing treatment she received since the date of her firing. She argues the subpoena is an intrusive means of obtaining the information they could have requested from her.

She says Hudson’s company has no right to invade her privacy by seeking the docs. Peters is demanding the judge shut down the attempt to obtain her confidential records.

Here’s the backstory: Last year, Talitha Peters sued Fabletics, the company co-founded by the actress, accusing them of firing her for trying to treat her addiction to sleeping pills.

Peters claimed to have been wrongfully terminated from her job as an executive after two years with Fabletics. She believes it was due to her bosses assuming she had an addiction to illegal drugs.

The ex-employee claimed she became addicted to Ambien after being prescribed the sleeping pill for work-related issues. She had to take medical leave to check into rehab and none of her bosses took issue with it initially.

The problems started when Peters reached out and tried to get an extension for her medical leave. She says her bosses then started investigating into why she needed more time off and allegedly they tried to look into her medical info.

Peters expected to return to work in June following her leave, but her bosses fired her for reasons she believes are unfair.

Peters sued, accusing Hudson’s company of discriminating against her due to her disability and said they retaliated against her based on bad information they obtained when prying into her reasons for being on leave. She is seeking unspecified damages for the termination and harm they caused her.

Hudson’s company fired back at the former employee allegations of discrimination, blasting the woman’s claim and demanding the case be tossed.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams