Bernice Bergos Talks Dropping Out Of High School, Being In Abusive Relationship + Why She Loves Her Plastic Surgery

Bernice Bergos Talks Dropping Out Of High School, Being In Abusive Relationship + Why She Loves Her Plastic Surgery

Bernice Burgos On Abusive Relationship, Dropping Out of School + Plastic Surgery

In a new interview, Bernice Burgos is opening up about all of the rumors that have plagued her since earlier this year. Burgos, who doesn’t like the term ‘video vixen’ but prefers to be called an ‘urban model’, addresses her rumored relationships with rappers Drake and T.I.; how she became a mother at 15 years old and dropped out of high school and she also comes clean about having plastic surgery. Check out a few excerpts.

Having a 11-year-old daughter and 21-year-old daughter who she had when she was 15:

I had her when I was 15. I know it was terrible….Having a child at the age of 15, I had to rush into being a mother. I couldn’t just be like, ‘Okay, go to high school. Go to parties.’ I’m over here, being pregnant at the age of 15. It was so embarrassing…I’m 15 and I gotta act like I’m 30, you know what I’m saying?

The father of her 21-year-old daughter: 

I was dating a guy from the street. He was, I think he was 18 or 19. In and out of jail, stuff like that.

If the rumors were true about Drake buying her a Bentley: 

It was a gift, I did have a gift, I’m a nice girl. I have a Bentley and I have a Range right now. But I’m an independent woman. It was actually a trade.

Drake & Bernice

Her rumored relationship with Drake: 

Drake is the sweetest person ever. I will go to his wedding right now if he gets married.

One of the misconceptions about who she is: 

This one thing about me…I’m very confident about myself. It took me to be in my 30’s to feel like, I got it girl.

If her butt is fake:

Whatever I did to enhance my body, that’s me. I paid for that. Don’t hate. If I look good, be like ‘hey that girl looks good’.

When she decided to get plastic surgery: 

When I started like, I wanted to enhance my body, is the first time I ever went to the strip club….I fell in love like, ‘I need this.’ I didn’t know I can do this.

Being in a physically abusive relationship when she was younger: 

I was in an abusive relationship. I had a guy who use to hit me every other day. Actually, that relationship made me stronger. People don’t know who is Bernice Burgos.

What cosmetic work she’s had done: 

I did a little bit of everything.

If she got illegal butt shots:

It is illegal. She (the person that did the procedure) actually, you know what, it was in a basement, but she had it set up real nice. It was a house though. It was so many years ago…That was the first thing I did, right after I had my second daughter. I already had an a**. I just wanted to fill my side dents. She hooked it up real cute.

If she’s nervous about complications from the butt shots: 

If something happens, something happens.

Why she replied to Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris on social media, over T.I.: 

I’m very disappointed in what I did…I learned from being on social media, social media sometimes will put you in a place where you have to fight with people that you don’t know….I was listening to social media…Like, wait a minute? It was only for business. I got introduced [to T.I.] for a movie.

If she and T.I. ever kicked it:


Not finishing school: 

No I didn’t finish high school. I had to be a mom. I was living in my mother–in-law’s house, going to work, going to school, picking up my daughter, getting home at 11:30. You know, you’re living in someone’s house, because my grandmother kicked me out….You live in a house where you ain’t paying no rent here – you have to clean you have to cook…

Bernice Bergos Talks Dropping Out Of High School, Being In Abusive Relationship + Why She Loves Her Plastic Surgery

Bernice Burgos

How she feels about her plastic surgery:

If you feel like you have the money to do it, do it. Stop hating on the other girls….I love it to tell you the truth. I never say I regret [it]. Everybody’s like ‘Oh her fake ass’, but you’re going to keep looking at my videos, you’re going to keep liking my pictures….Social media is a mother f*cker. That sh*t will bring you all the way down.

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