Erykah Badu Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

The rumor mill goes on and on, just like the Erykah Badu song – and Erykah is great at squashing rumors. The singer took to her favorite social media platform (Twitter) to insist that she is not pregnant for the fourth time. Apparently, rumors are swirling that Erykah is expecting, and she attributes it to weight gain. She tweeted:

“Fam, chill. Ain’t nobody shoot up the club, ok? Why I got to be pregnant every holiday season? just. Stop. Y’all trying to say I’m fat ? Y’all say this shit every fall. I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October…Now y’all got us in here arguing over baby names.”


Erykah Badu, 47, may not be bringing a new life into the world, but she helps other mothers do just that. She’s helped over 40 mothers birth their babies as a doula and birthing coach. She even helped Fenty Beauty model, Slick Woods, 21, deliver her baby boy, Saphir. As a mother of three – Seven Sirius Benjamin, Mars Merkaba Thedford, and Puma Sabti Curry – Erykah says motherly instincts led her to her work as a doula. She told Pitchfork:

“I became a doula by default. I had Seven naturally, at home, and a couple of years later I was traveling through Europe, and one of my best friends, Afya, who is the wife of from dead prez, went into labor.”

She continued:

“I naturally knew what to do, and it was then that I figured out that this was something I can do that makes me so fulfilled.”

Can we hire Erykah Badu’s services in advance?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay