Lala Addresses Kofi Siriboe Rumors, New Reality Show w/ Bernice Burgos

Lala Addresses Kofi Siriboe Rumors, New Reality Show w/ Bernice Burgos

Lala On Kofi Siriboe Rumors, New Reality Show w/ Bernice Burgos

In a new interview, Lala Anthony opens up about some of the backlash she’s faced over her “Power” sex scenes; her relationship status with husband NBA baller Carmelo Anthony; rumors that she exchanged numbers with ‘Queen Sugar’ actor Kofi Siriboe and the new reality show she’s producing with Bernice Burgos. Check out the excerpts below.

On people not separating her from her character Lakeisha on ‘Power’:

First of all, the problem is people don’t know how to separate La La from LaKeisha. That’s my character on Power. My character on Power is currently in a relationship with Tommy. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you have sex with them. So, and you take your top off, you don’t have sex fully clothed.

On talking to Carmelo Anthony before the sex scene:

That was done eight months ago, so for us it’s not new — it just came on. I shot that eight months ago, so that was so long ago. When it’s going on you sit down and have a discussion with the person you’re with and say this is what is coming up in the script. I want to make sure that you’re comfortable with it. I’ll do it as tasteful as I can.

Lala Addresses Kofi Siriboe Rumors, New Reality Show w/ Bernice Burgos

On if her and actor Kofi Siriboe exchanged numbers:

I mean we presented together, so of course you want to have a vibe with somebody you’re presenting with. I had never met him before and we know all the same people, we have a lot of mutual friends. So yeah, it was cool, it was nothing like that. It was totally cool, Kofi. [when asked why she was smiling] ‘Cause he’s hot! It’s nothing like that. He’s like the new hot thing, but what is he like 19, 20 years old? What am I going to do with that?

On her relationship status:

My status right now is putting myself first. Which I always say as women we forget to do a lot. We put everything and everyone else before us. Just putting myself first and whatever else is meant to happen will happen. Like I’m learning that I don’t have to have it all figured out. Life just has to happen, things will sometimes will just figure themselves out.

On Carmelo: 

He’s my best friend. I mean when you’re with somebody for 13 years since they were 19 years old and you have a 10 year old child, you would hope that you guys could be cool. We’re the best of friends.

Lala Addresses Kofi Siriboe Rumors, New Reality Show w/ Bernice Burgos

On producing a new reality show starring Bernice Burgos

Bernice, Graci those group of girls, there’s a brunch of them – Kyra Chaos – a bunch of girls on the show. I am friends with some of them and I’ve tried to mentor and give advice and be there and others I don’t know that well and it is more of a business relationship. I mean, we’ve all gotten to where we are in life because someone helped us and coached us through. So if I can help somebody else in anyway, I’m all about that, I’m all about women empowerment and not judging people because of their past or mistakes they’ve made and really just getting to know somebody and judging them on who they are as a person.

On how she feels now overall:

I feel like I been tested and I’m making it through. I definitely really feel like, you know, I’ve been dealt a crazy hand recently, but I’m just making it through. A lot of prayer, a lot of support from my friends and family, great people around me and life, life goes on. Like things happen and it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams