Conor McGregor Explains Why He Lost To Floyd Mayweather: I smoked it in the early rounds.

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Conor McGregor Explains Why He Lost To Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor explains what contributed to his loss Saturday night, against boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The 29-year-old UFC lightweight champion says,

I think I smoked him in the early rounds. I was pretty handily whooping him in the early rounds. He then changed his style, he puts his gloves up and his head down, into my chest and then he went to work, I didn’t anticipate that.

He specifically details where he went wrong, explaining:

I had him like that (leaning back) or even like this (leaning to the side) in camp, but he completely changed his style. It completely threw me off, and he was composed in there. I wasted my punches on his gloves. It was just a composure issue, I don’t feel from a skill level. I felt alright in there.

McGregor also addresses the scorecards for the fight, where two of three judges had it eight rounds to one for Mayweather.

I think that’s very biased. I’m actually shocked at that. I thought I won the first three rounds clearly. The fourth round could be argued either way. Let’s say 3-1. He started to take over, and then I thought I snuck in Round 8. Then he won nine and got the stoppage in 10. So what’s that, 5-4? But in reality, all that means nothing. He got the win.

Meanwhile, he hasn’t committed as to whether or not he’ll return to the UFC.

I’m sure there’s options that will present themselves in the boxing game. Right now, I’m a free agent. My name is on the ring.

He added,

I’ll see what’s next, but I’m open. I love a good fight, and tonight was a damn good fight. I can’t tell you exactly what’s next, but something will be next.

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