EXCLUSIVE: Sean Garrett – I Want Social Services to Investigate My Baby Mama

(EXCLUSIVE) Sean Garrett Sues Baby Mama Over Son: I want joint & legal custody!

Sean Garrett, Baby Mama, Rachel Gude (Riley)

Sean Garrett Wants Social Services To Investigate Baby Mama

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Sean Garrett has returned to court demanding a judge allow social services to investigate his baby mama. The producer says he has no idea where his kid is living and is concerned for his son’s well-being.

Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett

Here’s the latest: On July 18th, Garrett headed back to court demanding the judge find his baby mama in contempt of court. Garrett says his baby mama, Rachel Riley, has made it extremely difficult to co-parent. He claims that she’s refused to allow him to take their son to Hawaii with him, has taken him out of state without his approval or knowledge and he alleges he has no idea where his kid is living, nor does he have the current residence of his baby mama — despite his numerous demands for the address and/or phone number.

He accuses his baby mama of being extremely uncooperative and says she’s become more and more bitter towards him, which negatively impacts their child.

He demands the court appoint a social services coordinator to investigate her living environment and to confirm that his son is in a safe environment while in her custody.
Garrett also wants his baby mama fined $1k as a punishment for each instance of contempt

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Here’s the backstory: Garrett sued his baby mama Rachel Riley in Georgia Court. He explained they share a son named Cruz born in 2015. He is seeking a court order determining custody & child support. He also wants joint physical and legal custody.

His baby mama responded in court accusing him of attempting to use his superior financial status to strip her rights away from her. She demanded Garrett pay her entire legal bill, arguing she needs the money to properly defend herself. Riley even accused him of costing her extra legal fees, due to him storming out a deposition with her lawyers.

Garrett responded in docs demanding the judge order his baby mama to vacate the condo he is paying for & to turn over the keys to his Range Rover. He says he leased the pad for months but he’s tired of her leeching off him, and wants her to take care of herself.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams