John Amos On Being Fired From ‘Good Times’, If He’ll Appear In ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

John Amos On Being Fired From 'Good Times', If He'll Return To 'Coming To America' Sequel

John Amos

John Amos On  ‘Good Times’, ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

Black television earned its reputation from the talents of many notable writers and actors from back in the day when the industry was not as supportive of African American culture, paving the way for
aspiring black television shows that many enjoy today. One of those pioneers who had a leading role in the hit sitcom Good Times, John Amos, which aired on CBS for several years in the mid to late ’70s,
played the iconic character James Evans Sr. – the hard-working dad every young boy wished they could call their own.

Amos’ career blossomed quickly, and though he was cut off from the show for voicing his opinion about the direction of the show, he was able to bounce back with memorable roles in “The Roots” and “Coming To America.” As rumors of a “Coming To America” sequel have surfaced, the iconic actor remains optimistic that it’s in the works. During a recent interview, he dishes on sequel rumors, leaving Good Times and his own children’s book. Check out excerpts below.

On why he left Good Times:

I was told my services were no longer needed because I had become a disruptive element, I didn’t have the diplomacy that I’d like to think I’ve cultivated over the last 10 to 15 years, I had a way of voicing my opinion of the script that wasn’t acceptable to the creative staff.

John Amos On Being Fired From 'Good Times', If He'll Appear In 'Coming To America' Sequel

Eddie Murphy

On the success of  “Coming To America”:

Well, they are talking about the sequel, they are talking about a Coming To America 2, I am hopeful that I get a chance to work with one of the greatest comedic icons of our generation, maybe of all time, Eddie Murphy; it’s a joy when you go to work, you get up, and you’re looking forward to getting to the studio because you know you are gonna spend the day laughing, no matter what, it could be a funeral scene but you’re gonna laugh anyway, Eddie’s got that kind of gift.

On writing a children’s book:

Let’s face it, our planet, or at least the United States, is being confronted with divisiveness, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the ‘40s and another generation coming along, not knowing the history of our country, and not knowing whats being lost with this divisiveness, is unacceptable. I always aspired to be a cartoonist long before I became a writer.

Should Murphy reprise Amos’ role on the Coming To America sequel? 


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Authored by: Kellie Williams