Amber Rose On Coparenting With Ex-Husband Wiz Khalifa: “It’s just easy.”


Amber Rose

Amber Rose On Coparenting With Ex-Husband Wiz Khalifa: “It’s just easy.”

It’s nice to see exes getting along in Hollywood. Such is the case for Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa, who had bit of nasty split in 2014. Since then, the pair have worked hard on their coparenting relationship for the sake of their four-year-old son, Sebastian. Earlier this week, Rose, 34, told Us Weekly,

We both love our son, so it just comes easy. We don’t live that far away from each other, so anytime Sebastian wants to come back here or go with his dad [he can]. We FaceTime each other a lot. Whether he’s over there or he’s over here with me, you know, we always have FaceTime to talk to the baby. So we talk to him every day regardless of where he is.

It’s just easy. It makes it really easy.

Their coparenting style also helps them focus on their careers as Rose explained,

It gives us time to also work. When he’s with me, his dad gets to work on a lot of stuff and vice versa … We have 50/50 custody, so it kind of makes it easy to schedule all my work stuff when he’s with his dad. So I’ll just have a jam-packed schedule for a full week when he’s with his dad and when he comes back home to me, my team knows to kind of keep everything very short and small.

Amber Rose & 21 Savage

Amber, who has been dating Atlanta born rapper 21 Savage since earlier in the year, gushed on their relationship saying,

He’s really, really a sweet guy. I’m really lucky to have him. He’s a homebody like me, we like the same things, our birthdays are one day apart, so we’re kind of into the same things which is really good. So you don’t have to fight with each other over really what you want to do. We kind of always want to do the same thing, so that’s definitely a good thing sure.



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Authored by: Kellie Williams