Cardi B: I Wanted To Sh*t On Myself When I Met Beyonce

Cardi B: I Wanted To Sh*t On Myself When I Met Beyonce

Some scream, some cry and others simply ask for a selfie when they meet Beyonce. But not Cardi B. In a new interview, the rapper recalls meeting Bey for the first time and as expected, her response is hilarious. When asked about their first meeting, she admits she’s generally a nervous and shy person.

When I met Beyoncé, people be like, ‘How that felt? I bet you was mad happy.’ It’s like, ‘Actually, I wanted to s*** on myself.’

With her already gold debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” coupled with a heartwarming pregnancy reveal on Saturday Night Live, and Monday night’s “Tonight Show” appearance alongside Jimmy Fallon, Cardi B is sharing with fans the struggles of her newfound fame, plastic surgery, and how she really feels about gang-life. Read the excerpts below.

On the pressures of fame:

I feel like I’m not in control of my life…If I don’t want to work tomorrow, I cannot just stop working, because then, how’s other people gonna feed their family? It is a lot of pressure.

On her for booty injections and why she got them:

When I was 21, I did not have enough meat on my body—if I was to get lipo, I wouldn’t have fat for my a**…They don’t numb your a** with anything. It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days. [My boyfriend cheated on me with a girl who] had a fat, big a**.

Where she stands in her affiliation with the Bloods, and how it affects her career:

I never really wanted to talk about that, because I always wanted a music deal. I always want to keep my endorsements. When I was 16-years-old, I used to hang out with a lot of Bloods…And they’d say, ‘Yo, you really get it poppin’. You should turn Blood.’ And I did. Yes, I did.

People always be like, ‘Oh, Cardi never used to rep it when she wasn’t making music.’ Yeah, because I already got signed. I can do that now. I’m smarter than what people think. There’s so many things that I limited myself because I wanted a million-dollar contract. When I do interviews, I don’t talk about it, because I will lose my endorsements. But since the cat is out of the bag…that’s how I feel. Why? For what? Why would you join a gang?

On advice she’d give to youth considering joining a gang:

If somebody was to tell me right now, ‘I want to join a gang,’ I would tell them that it’s a waste of your money, it’s a waste of your time. And then you can never leave it.

You could ask any gang member: Being in a gang don’t make you not one dollar. And I know for a fact every gang member, he asking himself, ‘Why did I turn this?’ Sometimes it’s almost like a fraternity, a sorority. Sometimes it’s like that. And sometimes I see people that’s in the same gang kill each other. So sometimes there is no loyalty. Sometimes you gotta do certain things to get higher, to get higher and higher. You’re doing all of that and you not making money off of it. That’s why I don’t talk about it much. Because I wouldn’t want a young person, a young girl, to think it’s okay to join it. You could talk to somebody that is considered Big Homie and they will tell you: ‘Don’t join a gang.’ The person that I’m under, she would tell you, ‘Don’t join a gang.’ I rep it, because I been repping it for such a long time.

Why she admires former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

I love Franklin Delano Roosevelt. First of all, he helped us get over the Depression, all while he was in a wheelchair. He’s the real ‘Make America Great Again,’ because if it wasn’t for him, old people wouldn’t even get Social Security.

On second-guessing her lyricism:

It’s really hard for me to make decisions…I always got to call somebody like, ‘How does this sound? Does this sound ridiculous?’

I don’t got the best English in the world, so sometimes I really got to ask somebody, ‘Does this make sense? Would this make sense?’ Because I will probably use the words…that they don’t even supposed to go there.

By: @Miata_Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer