EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey – Ex Employee Says Comedian Is Hiding Financial Docs In Lawsuit

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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey – Ex Employee Says Comedian Is Hiding Financial Docs In Lawsuit

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Steve Harvey is accused of refusing to turn over financial docs to his alleged ex employee. Now the man has headed to court demanding a judge force the comedian to hand them over.

Here’s the backstory: Back in December, Steve Harvey was sued by an alleged former employee
named Vincent Dimmock.  Dimmock claimed he was hired by Harvey to raise $20 million for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation and was to be paid 12.5% of everything he brought into the charity. He said he eventually got pledges for $20 million.

He claimed once he delivered the first million dollars to Harvey, the comedian refused to pay him his cut.

Dimmock even claims Harvey’s charity was in bad financial shape due to a series of public relation
incidents involving Harvey mocking Asians and even taking a meeting with President Trump.

Harvey responded to the lawsuit claiming Dimmock was a fraud. He claimed the man contacted him originally about a energy drink endorsement, but then changed his story to him having a billionaire who would invest in Harvey’s charity. The comedian claimed the billionaire turned out not to know Dimmock and said no money came into his charity due to Dimmock.

Here’s the latest: On April 18, Dimmock filed a motion to compel Harvey to turn over records he has so far refused. Dimmock says Harvey’s lawyers said they would turn over the financial records requested, but then decided against it weeks later.

Dimmock says that records he wants include financial information about the charity and Harvey’s bank accounts. He says these financial docs are directly relevant to establishing whether money was transferred between the investor and Harvey and/or his foundation.

He is demanding the court order Harvey to turn over the financial docs ASAP.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams