Matt Barnes Reacts to Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal – Don’t Throw Everybody Else Under The Bus!

Matt Barnes Reacts to Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal

Weeks later, Tristan Thompson is still under fire for allegedly cheating on then-pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. This time criticism is coming from fellow NBA players. Former Golden State Warriors small forward, Matt Barnes commented on an Instagram post by the page @ball.debates. The post alleges that Tristan justified his cheating by telling Khloe there’s,

An unspoken rule in the NBA” that they have to “hook up with groupies on the road.

Barnes called Tristan out for throwing the rest of the players under the bus,

I’ve been hearing this a lot these past couple of days…”IF” dude really said this…?? This is sucka sh*t straight up!! If no one else will say it! You f*cked up take it on the chin dawg.. Don’t try and throw everyone else under the bus! #WhoRaisedTheseNiggas

Former NBA baller Stephen Jackson and Minnesota Timberwolves player Taj Gibson also weighed in, agreeing with Matt. Jackson said,

He been a klown gone be a klown and that’s just what it is. A wannabe that don’t know what he wannabe. Facts

Gibson agreed, responding


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