Ari Lennox Hilariously Struggles To Put On A Lacefront Wig [VIDEO]

Ari Lennox Shares Hilarious Lace Front Self Installation Struggle On Instagram Live Amid Quarantine – “Come to my house”

Singer Ari Lennox took to her Instagram on Tuesday (March 31st), sharing her epic lace front struggles as she attempted to try something new with her hairstyle. The “BMO,” singer hilariously placed the wig on top of her head and things then turned for the worse.

After struggling to secure the wig properly atop of her head and natural hair, Ari then tried to use what appears to be a lace glue spray to blend in the visible lace. The songstress then sprays the lace glue saying,

“We’er going to try you one more mother f*cking time. That’s right, we’re going to push you to the front, going to close my eye and we’re going lay you the f*ck down b*tch like a g*ddamn f*cking criminal by the f*cking ops.”

Her hair stylist, Alonzo Arnold took to her comments, attempting to coach the singer through her hilarious hair struggle. Arnold writes,

“Aht, shtttttt, suh you doing it wrong.”

Ari says,

“F*ck off, I’m doing it right, come over. Come to my house.”

Arnold adds,

“Spray it again then get the blow dryer and blow it until it sticks.”

Ari then responds,

“Honey, I ain’t got no blow dryer”

Throughout her live, the singer kept her composer as the lace continued to be visible. Soon after, Ari wrote she wishes she would have packed her bags and moved out of the country before the ongoing stay at home orders were invoked around the nation.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette