21 Savage: Amber Rose Would Be Dead If She Cheated On Me

21 Savage: Amber Rose Would Be Dead If She Cheated On Me

21 Savage wouldn’t live up to his name if he didn’t give a savage response to rumors of Amber Rose’s alleged cheating. He wants the world to know that there would be extreme consequences if that were the reason for their break-up. As reported by DJ Akademiks, 21 Savage commented on a story titled, ’21 Savage Cut Amber Rose Off After She Allegedly Cheated With His Friend’, writing:

dats cap she would be dead

Yesterday, Amber revealed to her social media followers that she’s never cheated on any of her partners. She says:

I have never cheated on any of my exes. Literally never! I’m loyal, honest, and trustworthy. Sometimes things just don’t work out.


She continued by debunking rumors of her being a gold-digger:

I have never used anyone for money or clout when I love I genuinely love.

Amber Rose & 21 Savage

The unlikely pair went public about their relationship in May of 2017. Amber confirmed their break up last March, but she literally loves 21’s dirty drawers. To satisfy her cravings for him, she sniffs his underwear. She commented:

I love him, I miss him, I think about him every day. I can’t say that I’m single because I still think about him ever day. My heart is still with him. Hopefully, we can work it out but if we can’t the love is still there. I still sniff ’em (his underwear), I was just snipping them before I got here. I miss that motherf*cker. If you don’t smell your man’s private area, then you don’t really love him.

Is their any hope for Amber and 21 Savage reconciling?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer