Amber Rose Denies Cheating On Any Of Her Exes, Insists She Didn’t Call Women From Philly Ugly

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Denies Cheating On Any Of Her Exes, Insists She Didn’t Call Women From Philly Ugly

Amber Rose is seeking to declutter her name of malicious gossip once again. The Slutwalk Founder took to her Instagram Story on Thursday (May 25th) to address some worn out and recently developed Internet rumors that she alleges have affected her personal life. With an audience of about 17.2 million followers, Rose kicked off the rant by stating,

I’m just going to address every rumor about me. Not like a really give a f*ck to explain sh*t, but it gets really annoying and also affect my real life.

In 2017, Rose’s name was slammed for the misunderstanding of her statement about what the women in South Philly “traditionally” looked like.

She reiterated,

I have never said the girls in Philly are ugly. I would never call anyone ugly I’m just not that type of person. I was simply speaking of how I was treated in my own neighborhood.

She provided clarity to her previous statements – once again – noting,

I went to an all black school, and grew up in an all black neighborhood. I did not have the same struggles as the brown skinned girls. I refuse to act like I did or I do.

She continued,

And when I said they weren’t ‘traditionally attractive’ I meant by societies bullshit standard of European beauty. I felt as though they were more beautiful than I was! I was speaking on colorism.

Amber Rose

During her slow rise to fame, interviewers continuously inquired what race she identified as. She later revealed, via Instagram, she was “Black / Portuguese / Irish and Italian.” Several reports surfaced
stating Rose had considered herself completely black. She re-addressed these rumors in reference to an interview she did with Rosenberg, a radio personality from Hot 97, explaining,

…he asked me if I considered myself a black woman. I said no, and I considered myself mixed (with black), and I embraced every piece of me but the clip that went viral cut off right after I said no.

She continues in her reflection,

Maybe if I went to an all white school, and grew up in a all white neighborhood, I would’ve been treated like the ‘black girl,’ but I didn’t.

In the next post, she addresses the speculation to her and her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa In 2014, Rose filed for divorce after discovering Khalifa was cheating on her. Following their son, the pair had a very public divorce, and it was not finalized until 2016. She praises being able to co-parent with the app-developing rapper, saying,

My sons father and I really became great friends after our divorce. We do not have a romantic relationship, nor are we trying to. We are very happy co-parenting and giving Sebastian the best life possible.

Lil Pump, Amber Rose

She also address the rumors of her dating 17-year-old rapper, Lil’ Pump:

Just because you see me in a picture with someone doesn’t mean I’m fucking them. Half of the time I cant even be in the vicinity of another guy. Even if I don’t know him! Without the Internet putting us together.

Lastly, she insists on being a faithful significant other/spouse in all of her relationships.

I have never cheated on any of my exes. Literally never! I’m loyal, honest and trustworthy. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

She enforces that by stating,

I have never used anyone for money or clout when I love I genuinely love.

She finishes her rumor-centered social address with semi-friendly message,

Now leave me the f*ck alone and let me be great.


Authored by: Kellie Williams