Sarunas Jackson – The “Insecure” Men Aren’t Gay, Stop Being Homophobic + Promises He Can Fight, “You Don’t Want To See These Hands”

Sarunas Jackson – The “Insecure” Men Aren’t Gay, Stop Being Homophobic
+ Promises He Can Fight, “You Don’t Want To See These Hands”

Insecure co-star and alleged new father, Sarunas Jackson (who plays Dro in the hit HBO series) addressed the discussion surrounding he and his cohorts GQ spread that was released earlier this week.

The spread was included in GQ’s Comedy Issue (the same issue that Issa Rae was apart of for her reinvention of black television icons). The men of the highly-buzzed show can be seen
shirtless at the pool, and in the gym showing off their impressionable looks and comedic physique.

The reaction to the photo shoot has been accepted by some, and rejected by others.

Jackson took to social media to speak his thoughts  on the problematic statements he seen regarding the spread. He starts off his rant and explains,

I’m just going to give this a little bit of attention. I’m not bothered, it does need to be addressed. It’s about the GQ spread me and the fellas from Insecure just did. Me and the fellas did a shoot with GQ – as you guys know – and we had a great time. It was fun and it was a blessing. I was very grateful to be apart of GQ, it’s been a lifelong goal.

He brings clarity to the his point,

Mind you, this was for the GQ Comedy issue. Say that again: GQ’s Comedy issue. Now, if you been following me – or if you know me personally – you know, I ride for my people [black people]. I ride for my culture. Now, I’m also going to hold you accountable, no matter who
you are. It doesn’t even matter about culture. Period.

He goes on to criticize the perception of people who question homosexuality, by noting they have a lack of self-security,

How homophobic can people be? You know, we’re a group of men, who had our shirts off and we’re doing GQ Comedy issue, and we’re being called gay, up and down, right? Mind you, none of us are gay in that group, and even if any of us were, who cares? That’s not the issue. I’ll tell [you] what the problem is, though.

He continues and outlines out the colorism in the backlash,

1. You guys are using homosexuality as a negative. 2. Accusing us of being ‘cause why? Why? It’s a big problem in the black community. Get secure with yourself, get secure. Ironically, our show title is perfect for a lot of you motherfuckers out there; dead ass! On top of
that, the shining the light on the colorism. All the light skin dudes were gay – automatically. Crazy, y’all. Crazy.

He finishes his rant by mentioning the love the series has for the supporters of the show,

At the end of the day, we’re group of brothers that’s on the show that’s for the culture – support. And we have a lot have great supporters out there. We love all you guys that support us.

Jackson also enforces he is not fearful of getting physical if need be either,

Just on some final notes: do better. And a lot of you motherf*ckers who were talking sh*t on guys who were living their dreams – doing a GQ comedy spread – you would never wanna see these hands! This smiling and acting stuff – don’t! But our supporters, love you. The love we get from our supporters. You guys are another level and make us excited to create.


Jackson allegedly shares a baby with his co-star, DomiNque Perry (Tasha on Insecure). Perry gave birth to daughter, Zen on May 21st.

By Cadarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams