‘Tales from the Hood’ Sequel In the Works

‘Tales from the Hood’ Sequel In the Works

Director/producer Rusty Cundeiff who directed “Tales from the Hood,” has been trying to get a sequel to the film for many years now. By the looks of his social media, it seems that there could be a possible sequel in the works.

It’s still unclear whether executive producer to the original film, Spike Lee, will be a part of the sequel. It is clear however that horror fans alike would be thrilled to see a sequel to this movie especially in a time of such heightened political standings. If you remember the 1995 movie, it covered many issues plaguing the Black community such as police brutality, racism, drugs, and gang life.

The movie almost served as a lesson to others about dealing with the consequences of these social injustices.

By: Jeanine Cruz

Authored by: Kellie Williams