EXCLUSIVE: Missy Elliot Wants Lawsuit Over Aaliyah’s Music Dismissed

EXCLUSIVE: Missy Elliot Wants Lawsuit Over Aaliyah’s Music Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Missy Elliot (real name Melissa Arnette “Missy”/”Misdemeanor” Elliott) is denying ripping off a songwriter and giving his work to Aaliyah who turned it into a hit and she calls his lawsuit a shake down attempt.

Elliot recently filed a response to the lawsuit filed against her, Timbaland and Aaliyah’s estate by a man named Terry Williams.

His lawsuit claimed he co-wrote and produced Aaliyah’s hit son ‘Heartbroken’. Williams said he wrote the song with Missy in the mid 90’s and then it found its way to Aaliyah who released it in 1996. He accused Missy of selling it to Aaliyah without telling him or him ever being paid.


The song was featured on Aaliyah’s ‘One In a Million’ album which sold over 8 million copies. Williams sued for the alleged money he was screwed out of for years.

Missy says that she had no agreement with Williams. She says he wrote nothing on the track and she independently wrote the lyrics.

Her response notes that Williams did not raise any issue for over 20 years since the song was released and he could not have missed it because it was such a popular song. Take a listen to the song in question below.

Missy is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed saying the allegations are false and are

“clearly contrived as part of an ill-conceived charade and shake down attempt.”

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Authored by: TJB Writer